Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Update

Hey there everyone!
I know I have been slacking with my blogging. I can't apologize enough.
As I have said before, due to certain reasons I won't get into, I am going to hold off on posting my blog entry on Tutta, aka Suzann Pettersen. I love and respect her, and think she's some of the hottest ish out there, but will have to put a pause on the post (nice alliteration there, I know) and I know some of you may be upset, but understand I have my reasons.
I will be putting up a few things I haven't posted yet in the coming days. I hope everyone has a most wonderful night, week, and month of September! Tis football (American football) season!
Thank you all again for your support and your kind words! I am grateful for you all, as well as the lessons being taught to me everyday by you all. Thank you, heroes!

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