Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dawn of a New Era

I'm having 2010 be the start of a new era for myself. I will be going to Thailand! Singapore! Australia! Beautiful SoCal! JAMAICA (new tournament, The Mojo 6 being held in Montego Bay!!!!)! Mexico! And that is all taking place from mid-Feb to the first few days of May. I know it sounds insane, but I seem to feel at home in airports, on airplanes, and single rooms, with a king bed, of course. I know I am one of the blessed ones to have the opportunity to have pages added to my passport every couple of years, and I plan on making 2010 the best year yet!
Last year I rode elephants and camels, ziplined across concrete, visited temples, cathedrals, and ancient ruins. I hosted clinics, danced the night away on the tops of bars, went to amusement parks in foreign countries. I saw my first NHL hockey game (go Rangers, though the Sharks are my team), traipsed about on the beaches of the Middle East, and jumped in pools.
I went to a few concerts (Jason Mraz in Singapore was the shiznit, undoubtedly), partied like a rock star, sang like a diva (in my opinion, anyway), as well as sat and meditated in parks, and met countless people, with a select few that have truly inspired me. I've watched some incredible sunrises, ones that have welcomed the world to a new light, as well as some amazing sunsets, where the end of something beautiful and awe-inspiring just means the moon shall rise on the other side.
2010 will be a year to remember, indeed, and I can not wait. As Charles Muntz said in the Disney Pixar movie, UP, "Adventure is out there!"


  1. The year of RAWR ! Can't wait to hear, read and see the further adventures of my hero.

  2. The good life! Thank you for posting this. Will be rooting for you. Best wishes for a Fantastic 2010!!

  3. Happy New Year
    I'm looking forward to seeing you play in LPGA tornaments.Good luck this year

  4. CK, even after a few years you still have a wonderful enthusiasm (enthusi-ISm) for the world you live in. Believe me, the world appreciates it. It is tired of people with enthusi-WASm and loves people with gratitude for the many gifts they have received. It is very, very easy to love Christina Kim.

    The One-Eyed Golfer

  5. That's right Christina. Live it up! Love the video. And of course, I will be monitoring your LPGA progress in 2010 - u r going to be awesome. :-)

  6. Great start Christina!! It's just me- ducks. Whether ducks64 or ducks24- only one ducks (I think.) Just like there is only one CK!! I read the first blog at and now know where to find you besides Twitter. And when the book hits the bookstores this spring, CK will be "Queen of All Media."

  7. Gotta love the year of RAWR!
    Happy New Year to you Christina! Can't wait until the action gets underway! Really glad you're blogging it too!

  8. downunder? hope that means you are playing the open in melbourne? if so, I won't go away and play golf for the weekend... much rather see you bring some life to the golf course!


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