Saturday, January 16, 2010

A most incredible trip, Part I

The last few days have been so amazing. So many experiences, both new and revisited. Every time I think about the last 72 hours, a big dopey smile spreads across my face. And yes, even in the midst of the tragic 7.0 earthquake that has struck and devastated Haiti. (Happy, Maureen?)

Tuesday started off with me waking up after only getting 2.5 hours of sleep and driving to the West Palm Beach airport. I only brought one bag with me, as well as my carry-on. When you have a 17" MacBook Pro, as well as a Canon 5D with extra battery grip, a big purse just doesn't cut it. It felt so great to finally travel in an airplane without having to lug around my Club Glove. Don't get me wrong, I love taking my cubs wherever I go, I just find it difficult to carry two suitcases, golf clubs, my purse and whatnot. I am lucky to travel for work, though! :)

When the team arrived (as shown here, a lot of, but not all of the photos are provided courtesy of Mitchell Layton. Thank you, Mitchell!) we got to visit the Senate building and get a tour, courtesy of US Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine), and even got a chance to stand on the Senate floor. I tell you what, the Senate floor is much smaller than I thought it would be, and we were not allowed to take any photos on the floor, but it was incredible to be in the same spot where debates and decisions are made.  (Here's a shot of Michelle Wie and me at the very center of the Senate Building doing the Captain Morgan Stand-Off. She's so silly, and I love her more than I love mozzarella cheese. And believe you me, I LOVES me some good mozzarella!)
After the visit to the Senate, the group of us (everyone, minus Juli Inkster, she had a wedding in Hawaii she was unable to miss out on) trudged on ahead in the cold (I failed to mention that there were piles of snow everywhere. It was brisk, no doubt, but it was an amazing feeling!!! Truly was a wonderful day to be alive!), crossed a few streets, and were at the entrance to the White House!!!
It was an amazing feeling, to be back with the girls (again, minus Juli :( So sad...), and catch up with one another after the holidays, after everyone had time to be home, to be with their loved ones for an extended period of time, and to not feel the obligation to go out and practice. And to be able to meet the President of the United States, with some amazing women, that was the icing on the cake. Anyway... We had a tour of the White House, visiting the Red Room, the Blue Room, the East Room, and nearly every other room of color imaginable. There were paintings of every president, of the first ladies, everyone. And there were a lot of photographs of President Obama, and his family, which gave the White House a "homey" feeling indeed.
Meeting the President was something I had the honor of taking part in once before, in 2006, during the Bush administration, but this visit was amazing in a different way. To meet the first black president, a man who is working to have health insurance for the entire country, and many other things that I will not get into, because everyone has a political view and I try to focus on the good, and not the bad, intentions. Anyway, spending time with President Obama is something I will always cherish. He told the team how he hit a 2-iron from 250yds to 8 feet and made the putt for birdie while he was in Hawaii. Someone mentioned how we need to get him into the 21st century and take that 2-iron out and slap a hybrid in his hand, and we all laughed. He was so gracious and it was so wonderful to spend time with him, especially considering he is such a busy man. Immediately after meeting with us, President Obama had to go into a meeting about, I'm assuming, the crisis in Haiti. 

After the Presidential meeting, Natalie Gulbis, Brittany Lincicome, Michelle Wie, Paula Creamer and I had a quick (and cold!!!) press conference with various media outlets. Before going on, I pulled my hands slowly to my face and said "I don't know what to do with my hands" ala Ricky Bobby. No one really got it... I am just dying to know what I said to make everyone laugh in this shot...
Don't worry, I was behind the rope. Natalie took this photo and what a great photographer she is! I love using angles to make things seem different than they are. Honest Abe n me, we go waaaaaaay back!

Next post will be about my trip to the Pentagon, which was emotional, touching, inspiring and also made me thankful of everything I have. Till then.... Be grateful for all that you have, and join me in sending prayers and donations to those in Haiti and all of those that suffer in the world.

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  1. D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit. I love the museums and the sights. It's great that you and the team were able to enjoy your time off before the tour cranks up again. It must be great to be able to leave the clubs at home! :)
    I'm looking forward to reading your book. I pre-ordered it on Amazon!


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