Saturday, February 13, 2010

#CKJR, the aftermath

Hey there, everyone!!! If this is your first encounter with the SuperBowl Sunday #CKJR Showdown thingy, you must have been hiding under a rock or been abducted by aliens. Either way, welcome back.
On SuperBowl Sunday, my buddy John Raser, aka @johnraser and I played in a (somewhat) friendly match. At stake (other than pride)-the loser has to caddy for the winner in a tournament of the winner's choice. Within a day of the challenge (made via twitter, thank you) it was all abuzz. Even The Golf Channel folks knew and Yahoo! News picked up the story!
I won't bore you with the details of the match (John won with an incredible birdie on the 18th hole... whatever... ;) Loves you!!!), but it was an exciting and utterly thrilling day! I hadn't laughed that much in such a long time. Yeah, a tiny crush might have formed from all of this, I won't lie. John is an absolute doll, we have somewhat similar personalities (a true rarity), and he beat me in golf. As is, is and did my buddy, Eddie Moses. There's a pattern, it seems. Oh well. So I am going to be "roughing it up on the Tar Heel Tour" as I have read somewhere. I can not wait!
Anyway, in the aftermath of the first #CKJR, John and I were brainstorming, and here is what we have since come up with. Watch the video below, comment so that we can read, confer with one another, and decide. Many thanks, good luck, we will be in touch!


  1. Great job for you both and great promotion. Seeing how Twitter was such a large part of the promotion (and where I first heard of it) I think that you should choose to do something like this again with the golfers of twitter. And by this, I mean those that actually tweet on a regular basis.

    Would be great to see this generate into something that raises money for your charities as well! Either way, keep up the good work!


  2. Hey Christina, its nick (@nickarena14 - twitter),i think you guys did a great job with getting this out there to the media world. You guys bring us into your lives and show other people what its like- crazy! Best part of the day would be Christina's outfit. I love how you can make anything look good. Suggestions- kepp doing this. Maybe do reviews on different courses in the area. that would be great! Thanks,

  3. The build up to CKJR was great, you two are very playful and familiar and that made it fun. You are both good sports, no hurt feelings (maybe kinda.

    UStreaming it was a great idea but you cant do it yourselves, you need an assistant of two.
    Reading and responding to comments during the match was really cool; IMHO its what social media brings to the table. A chance for all of us to be part of something.
    One assistant to video and the other to type reponses.

    It would be fun to video Christina caddying for John whenever that happens.

    Add others as this evolves, but next time perhaps you could be a humerous friend to kind of moderate while filming. of

    Siging off for now...

  4. First thanks. Great job on entertaining so many people. That's because of your great personalities.

    Secondly, I think you guys have mentioned a few good ideas for future #CKJR events. A video crew so you don't have to pass off iPhones, and the stream won't go down so much.

    The interaction was my favorite part so that must stay. Commenting on the fans' comments made all of us feel like we were right there. And it was casual. Even though there is the obvious competitiveness, that didn't overshadow the fun you guys had.

    Here's a couple of suggestions for future events. Have them at different venues, and it's possible that some people might show up in person. Secondly, what about having contests to get paired with amateur golfers - just regular fans? Talk about interaction. Maybe do that on special occasions, once a year or so, and keep the two-golfer format the rest of time.

    But whatever you do, don't stop.

  5. What I liked the most was the interaction of you 2 mega personalities. I could feel the sincerity and commitment of both of you to providing this first time entertainment to those of us who could not be there in person. I would/will never have the opportunity to walk the course with either of you and you gave me that opportunity. I have many ideas for future/quarterly events and top on my list would be to see a pairs match play with Christina Kim/Michelle Wie vs. John Raser/Bubba Watson. What made is so fun/interesting/educational for me was the pairing of your personalities and I think a pairs match play with the aforementioned would be double the fun to watch. Thank you for taking the time to do this for your fans.

  6. Hi CK! great stuff this live broadcasting from your phones,tdays technology,Who needs jet packs ha,ha.My suggestion; bring Jane to be the camera person* so you guys can interact more plus she can add some jokes and in later matches have different camara people guest, don't have to be players, more fun.PS don't want to start any i$ht but did you notice how JR is hogging the most area on the video,I'm just saying he he he.....Later...

  7. With the personality and charisma you two bring to the table I don't see bringing other golfers into the event as something that needs to be done any time soon. Obviously a "crew" would be nice but just having someone to hold the phones would be a good start. Even though the presentation on #CKJR / Super Bowl Sunday was sporadic and choppy it did have its charms.

    The use of polls was one of my favorite parts of the event. You could have a poll a hole and have the questions sent to you on social media sites.

    I love you guys, you're awesome. RAWR-Boos !

    Feel free to copyright "Poll A Hole" by the way.

  8. I REALLY is good to see you two taking on the lead position of showing people how social media should be used in Golf. Golf really, really needs you guys and what you are doing with YOUR fun way of showing people that first..Professional golfers are REAL PEOPLE and not as arrogant as the masses feel they ALL are, and secondly, you two are showing how golf can be it is suppose to be. The golf industry needs more golfers to survive and you two are standing in a good position to help bring more newbies to the me know how I can help..will ya.?

  9. This was a great use of twitter to build up the excitement of the match before hand. It was just as interesting to follow along and to see how it all turned out. From a practical side of things, it will be a good way to get even more followers, which in turn should bring you more sponsor $$$'s as they will be able to see that folks are watching what you say and do.
    Thanks to both of you to bring a human side to golf, something that has been missing for a while.

    Win or lose.. Thanks for showing us this side of golf...


  10. Love to see you guys add a skills challenge for your in between time of your next #CKJR match. The winner could be determined by the least collective distance of all the challenges during the year but pre each match you could have a skills challenge selected by twitter/web poll and the winner gets to move up one tee box for that day? And then the over all winner for the skills challenge at the start of #CKJR 2011 could have the loser video something personally challenging holding a snake? Conquering the fear of heights? Could be anything but since your both tour players it would be interesting to see how your skills match up over time?

  11. First of all, I think that you both are RAWR awesome! I don't think that you need to add any other golfers at this juncture. I find it entertaining and refreshing to see two professional athletes from both a men & women's tour join together for the sport of GOLF. It was amazing how you both tweeted and posted pics whilst you were playing the match.

    @thechristinakim has been my favorite LPGA player and now I have a new future PGA player and current EGolf tour player with @johnraser!

    The way that you both correspond with your fans, says alot for your characters and how much you love the sport of GOLF. The match up of #CKJR's inagaural round had thousands of followers. When your fans retweet; this goes on ten-fold in reaching others on twitter.

    The only thing as I told @johnraser, was that perhaps you could hold a contest weeks prior to the next match and the winner could be one that attends and does live tweeting and pics during the match for you both. However, if you simply need a volunteer....I'm your gal!

    So, Thank-You for what you do for the sport and kudos to you both for "keeping it real". May you both have fantastic 2010 seasons!!

  12. I think you guys need to have the next match as a 4-ball with a golf blogger on each team who can also serve as photographers/videographers/tweeters. In order to generate buzz, we can get the host course to promote it and maybe even get a few sponsors to donate a small amount to the winning player's fav charity?

    It's all about having fun and getting the twitterverse involved!
    Great job guys!

    John Duval, Editor

  13. Great stuff guys ! Best part was of course @TheChristinaKim's laughing and smiling ! Sheesh that is contagious !

    I like that idea of maybe doing another match with foursomes.. Surely you can find a couple celebs (maybe two golf channel analysts?) to join the fray.. and do either @TheChristinaKim/female celeb VS @JohhRaser/male celeb :) and of course. .there will need be a bet involved :) maybe a fan prize at the end ?

    What fun !

    Steve Lithgow
    Las Cruces, NM
    AKA @waycoolkennel

  14. Totally posted a huge comment and refreshed the page on accident and deleted it ><

    But the best part of CKJR was definitely Ustream and casting the match from a point of view perspective. My one suggestion would be to build on that. By bringing one or two netbooks with you, you could stream the match in a much better quality. By using a camera with each you still have the mobility a phone would and with a 3g card the same if not better connection. And by having the laptops there you would interact a lot more with viewers through chat and through twitter. It would bring a greater personal view to what really is going on.

    Other then that I had a blast following the lead up and comments during the event. Definitely something that you should do more!

    PS- When are you getting your butt out here to learn how to snowboard? =P



  15. This was an excellent idea. Renewal of the battle of the sexes between 2 rising stars on their respective tours. I hope this is just the first of many similar contests. Cool stuff

  16. This was a great new edition of the battle of the sexes. Two rising young stars on their respective tours. I would like to see more matches in the future. Funny, entertaining, and a joy to see.


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