Thursday, February 4, 2010

CKJR 2010, Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!

Now, what started as a simple and sweet gesture by me to play a round of golf with my friend, John Raser, aka @johnraser, has turned into an all-out tactical dogfight. I made the suggestion that we play sometime, something along the lines of
Christina KimTheChristinaKim @johnraser well let's play manana. I don't much ask or beg, so feel special, damnit boy!!!

His response (via DM) 
John Raserjohnraser and YES, bring your wallet.

My retort?
@johnraser Mwahahaha no chancey you're taking my $$ boy! We do this Saturday. You have no choice in the matter.

I took that as both an acceptance to my request to play a round of golf, whilst at the same time a blow to my ego, because I haven't lost money in a match in like, FOREVER and a few days... So of course... One of the world's finest twitter battles then ensued, with tweets varying from 

johnraser @ThomasAbt *chest bump* Oh don't worry... I plan on getting her down quick then stepping on her throat. (kinky, huh?) ;-) #CKJR

TheChristinaKim @johnraser @ThomasAbt whoa whoa whoa, no feet allowed! I'm bringing my stabby knife! That's a fact!#CKJR

and who can forget
TheChristinaKim I'm coming for your sweet tender soul, @johnraser!!!*Repeated stabbing motion, with a final twist of the knife*

Mind you, I was under the impression we were friends, but Nobody puts Baby in a Corner. So the violent and hateful tweets carried on (all in good fun, mind you!!!) and then all of a sudden people were getting mad interested. Which, of course, to me, only makes me want to tweet even more violently. On the downside, however, both John and I started to receive some pretty nasty hate mail via twitter DMs. He and I both got irked by this, but thankfully people started to back off.

After about 24 hours of constant tweeting back and forth, we decided to up the purse from merely buying lunch/dinner (depending on when we teed off, that would be the defining factor as to when we would eat, obviously...) to something a little bit more exciting. He suggested I clean his clubs for a year, I threw at him the idea of him no longer watching Jersey Shore or FOX News. He didn't bite. Finally, after much scrutinizing, I decided/ Whoever loses has to caddy one week for the other player in a tournament. Thank God John was down with that!!! I didn't want to be stuck cleaning balls for a year!!  

I also know exactly which event I want him to caddy for me, as well. He loves (like, to a disturbing degree, I think) the reality show, Jersey Shore, and he's a fun-loving, crazy, stay up till all hours kind of guy, and so I thought, Hell, why not bring him TO the Jersey Shore?! In Mid June we have an event in Atlantic City, and I know that my boys @waggleroomgolf and @njguinness will be there to support and point and laugh at us. Right, guys?! We'll make a whole twitter spectacle out of the thing, it will be great!!!!

So anyway, yes, that is where sweet, sweet John Raser (gospeedraser indeed) will be caddying in his first LPGA tournament, in Atlantic City, on the Jersey Shore. We'll go to the Borgata and play lots of blackjack and 3-card poker and other games with cards where random people take my money at odd intervals. And then give me back some, only to take it away again... Le sigh, such is life.
Granted, if I were to lose, I will have to (merrily, who am I kidding?!) join John for a week on the Tar Heel Tour, in the greater Charlotte region, if I am not mistaken. Hell, I am a dynamite reader of greens, and as a player myself, I know what to say to a player and when. Either way, it will be a day of UStream, twitpics, tweets, running commentary, shoes being thrown into bodies of water, stabbings with my stabby knife, and an overall great day of golf.

Oh and we were thinking of playing sometime on Sunday, right before the Superbowl. Just to make the game seem that much less appealing.  


  1. It's on like donkey kong! (cue Speed Racer theme song) muwahaha!

  2. I have to say, you two look pretty cute together for warriors that want to gut each other on a sea of green grass. You two gave me plenty of laughs last night. If Stephanie Wei gives it a thumbs up review, I will be buying copies of your tome for May birthday gifts. Aww- you know I'll buy them no matter what. I am one of your faceless unwashed (masses) on the last page of your "followers."

  3. Snow storm is coming to NJ :(
    I want go to CA.

  4. Nothing better than a good old fashioned bet with pride on the line!

    You make me smile.


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