Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am not an oracle or anything... buuuut...

Real brief. Last week at the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic, after my one hour lesson with Ron Stockton, I set three (very lofty) goals for myself. In order for me to win the JFOCC, I told myself that I would have to

1. Shoot all four rounds in the 60s.

2. Break 200 through three rounds.

3. Make zero double bogeys.

Now I know that the third requirement I set for myself seemed like a no $hi+, Sherlock, but I had been having a DB barrage over the last several weeks. Between the two previous weeks, if I had removed my doubles from my rounds, I would have been in the top ten. Both weeks. Comical. But not.

Now, that being said. Let's see where I stacked up.

1. I shot 66-67-67-70. I failed to shoot all four rounds in the 60s. I thus went on and lost in a playoff.

2. I shot 66-67-67 through three rounds. That equals 200. I thus went on and lost in a playoff.

3. I made one double bogey, on the 55th hole. Stupid, stupid girl. I thus went on and lost in a playoff.

Now I am no prophet, just by seeing the layout of the golf course, and knowing how I was feeling, I knew what I had to do to win this tournament. It seems freaky, but I just knew... And came up just short. Nuts. ON TO THE US WOMEN'S OPEN!!!


  1. I would really love to see you fighting for it this week. After Lorena, you're my favorite player to watch, you have what I like to see on a player: explosion, drama, excitement, risky shots, bombs from the tee, lot of smiles, yelling... wow, what I player you are! I'm sure I'll finally get to meet you in Guadalajara, you're not getting out of this!... see you on twitter (@cesarp3) :-)

  2. If the mind leads, the body usually follows... :) Will be watching you win in my home state this week...good luck!

  3. You played very well at the JFOCC. You got it figured out. Don't turn bogeys into doubles. (Minimize the damage). Always been told to keep your head in the game & Play smart!! Physical errors are one thing but mental errors are unforgivable!!!

  4. Bring it home today & tomorrow!!!! Even par score would be really good!!


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