Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New Old Putter

Sooooo... I think I failed to mention the excursion that I undertook the Tuesday and Wednesday of the LPGA Championship Presented by Wegmans. I have been suffering greatly with my putter all year long, and have gone through nearly a half a dozen switches of the flatstick in six months, be it due to a switch of the grip, or a switch of actual hardware. Just under a week before I got my lesson with Ron Stockton, I stood on the golf course, where I have played some amazing golf in the past, and I had my most beloved Scotty Cameron MY GIRL putter in my hands. I love that putter with all my might, and yet I was unable to make a single putt. My speed was all off, my lines, whatever, everything.
I thought back to the last time that I putted well, and it was last year, the Solheim Cup, the Safeway Classic, The LPGA CVS Pharmacy LPGA Challenge. I had my Odyssey Sabertooth. It was big. It was bulky, but it worked. I used Scotty Camerons, which I still love, but they just never go in. I love my TaylorMade Corza Ghost, but my speed is just off. Everything was great with my Sabertooth for a long time, and I just felt like if I stood over it again, I would have the key piece that I have been missing. So, I send a text to the LPGA Callaway rep, Lance. I ask if he had a single bend Sabertooth on him. Turns out he had a double bend neck, but no single bend. He said he would order it, but there was no guarantee it would be made available until late on Wednesday. So, I start to make some phonecalls. I go to the proshop of Locust Hill, I call four golf shops. They all deny having any single bend Sabertooths. The final shop that I call, they say "Yes, we DO have a single bend Sabertooth" and I beg them to put a hold on said putter.
Once the Tuesday pro-am was canceled, I hopped in my car, popped into my GPS the address for the shop, but I instead put in Avenue and not Street. When I started the drive, I encountered stand still traffic for nearly a half hour. Finally, I got to the address... Some 15 miles off from the golf course I was meant to drive to. Finally, after a curse-filled drive, I ended up pulling into the parking lot of the golf course. Only to find out that the shop carried a DOUBLE BEND NECK Sabertooth. I kindly thanked the guy behind the desk for holding the wrong putter for me, and sort of zombie-walked back to my car. I was driving back to the hotel, to change for my book reading and signing at the local Barnes & Noble, and as I drove down the highway, I let out a scream that lasted for no less than seven seconds.
The next morning, I pulled into the golf course, and lo and behold, Lance had my putter made out in Carlsbad and shipped overnight express to arrive at the locker room by 10am. Once I was united with my putter, all the stress and the problems from the evening before faded away and I putted my way to bliss.
Mix that with my lesson with Ron Stockton, and I am a whole new putter. So, out with the old, in with the new. Old. Putter. I am so excited for what is to come!!!

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