Monday, July 5, 2010

Third round of the JFOCC

The third round started with a slew of excitement for me. Too much excitement, in my opinion! I pulled my teeshot on the first hole, and trying to hit a miraculous second shot, a 157 yd shot that required a 30 yard hook, I turned the ball over too quickly, and slammed my ball into a tree that I was praying to God I would avoid. To the moron who said trees are 90% air, all I have to say is this. NUTS TO YOU. Through my OWN clinical studies, I have come to the conclusion that trees are made of 12% air, not 90%. The other 86% are made up of squirrels, bugs, birdpoo, and BARK. LOTS and LOTS of BARK. Anyway, as I heard my ball go through the heart of a squirrel, clamber about in the branches, there was an eternity of silence, before I saw a splash in the creek in front of me. Mind you, the creek is some 24 feet wide, and I find it utterly hilarious that my ball ended up in the middle of it. I took a drop, some 114 yards from the hole, and stuck it to about 4 feet. After draining my putt, I had nothing to do or say to B. I just looked at him, shook my head, and laughed. He said (for the first of two times that day) "Great bogey."
After a few ho hum pars, I came to the fifth hole. I stuck a 7-iron from some 153 yards or so to about twelve feet right of the hole. It was a tough hole location, and as B and I walked up to the green, a very vocal fan shouted out the me, "Now you actually have a putt at a birdie!!!" I had no idea how to take the "compliment" at all, so I waved at him, smiled, and muttered something under my breath. Lo and behold, my putt fell in the hole, and to that guy-thank you. I think. I went on to birdie the 9th hole in simple fashion, and made the turn in -1 with a 33. Again.
After birdieing the 10th hole, I made a good par on the 11th. Standing on the 12th tee, I felt great, but was distracted in my downswing when I saw a flurry of movement to my left. I pulled the CRAP out of my tee shot, and my ball ended up next to a huge evergreen tree. Thank god it wasn't actually IN said tree, but it was pretty damned close! B and I chatted very VERY briefly. As opposed to trying to play another hook shot, where another forest of trees stared down at me. I decided to just chip out some 40 yards. I took my sand wedge, and sometime between when I set up to my ball and the moment I came to strike the ball, one single branch appeared in the middle of nowhere. It was seriously like a twig. And of course, my studies proved accurate again. I hit the branch, er, twig, and the ball came straight down. Thankfully I had a full swing, and hit a wedge from 133 yards. I pulled it, and the ball ended up some 50 feet short and left of the hole. Stellar. I ended up leaving my 50 foot par putt some 8 feet short (don't ask me how, I thought I whacked the Hell out of the ball), and thanks again to Ron Stockton's teachings, I made the putt. B told me again "Great bogey." We just laughed, and I ended up making three birdies coming in. Including a great birdie on the last. I was 57 yards to the flag for my third shot, with some 3 paces behind the flag before the rough comes up, and I hit it pin-high, about 4 feet, which sent the crowds through the roof. I canned the putt, and before I knew it, I was one stroke behind the leader, NYC. I was to be in the final pairing, and man, it felt GREAT to be in that position again!!!


  1. Once again, congratulations! Your comments make me wonder what exactly fans should say after a player makes a poor shot. What do players want to hear? Nice try? You'll get them next time? What? Great blog.

  2. What kind of irons are you using these days? I know your previous set of Henry Griffitts had the older grooves, so I was wondering if you upgraded to a new set of HG's??? Thanks for your time on this matter.


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