Friday, July 16, 2010

A Real Quick Funny

So I am sitting here, watching the tv bit of the tragically comical occurrences that take place at the British Open, since there is no golf to be played at the moment. The winds at #11 green are going ape$h!t, and the greens were cut too short. There was a brief clip of a player who's ball ended up inside of a golf cart, and having seen that has inspired me to pass on a funny story that took place a few weeks ago at the Shop Rite Classic.
My caddy, BFunk, shared this with me.
On Sunday's round, Amy Yang and Moira Dunn were playing together. I think they were on the 10th hole, or wherever, as that is neither here nor there. Moira was in a greenside bunker, and Amy stood with her caddy at the front of the green, so as to not be in Moira's way. Amy's caddy, Greg Johnson (who used to work for former world's #1 Lorena Ochoa), had the bag on his shoulders, standing stock still. Because, well, I mean, out of respect for another player, one should always Always ALWAYS stand still. Moira took a swing at the ball laying in the bunker. And there wasn't that beautiful, muted sound that a good bunker shot always makes. Nope. There was a big CLACK, and Greg felt a nanosecond of pressure against his bag. Moira, as it turns out, had made contact with the ball, not the sand. And with the hosel of her club. Not the clubface.
So, after having cold stone shanked the ball, Moira looked up but couldn't find the ball. As it were, no one could see the ball. Turns out, (NO LIE!!!) the ball ended up INSIDE the water bottle pocket of Amy's bag. And because the bag was on Greg's shoulders, he had to stay, unmoving, until a rules official came by to help with the ruling. When Angus, said rules official DID come by, Greg was almost crying with laughter and said "Hey Laddie, I'll bet you that you will never find this ball." Unfortunately, neither Moira or her caddy found the situation funny at all. And Amy, as it seems, did not even notice, and so there was no one at all to share such a bizarre and hilarious moment on the golf course with.
On another note, several of the caddies were talking last week at Oakmont, and Juli Inkster's name came up. It was her 31st US Women's Open, she is 50 years old, and the question as to when she would retire came up. Greg (we call him Greggor) used to caddy for Juli for years and years, and with a chortle, noted that he could get Lorena Ochoa to retire(which of course, HE didn'tt, but not even he can make Juli Inkster retire. lmao. OK, the golf is back on. BYE!

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