Monday, July 5, 2010

Second round of the JFOCC

For the second round of the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic Presented by Kroger, my wakeup call came far too early. My tee time was at 8:50, and after a very early night, I was rearing to go. I got to the golf course with plenty of time, and not that I am suspicious at all, but I went back to the LPGA Fitness Trailer to get retaped, because, well, I didn't want to potentially hurt myself again!
My round started off with another birdie on the 11th hole, which I must say is pretty damned good. It is a tough hole, with an upside down bowl of a green, and I stuffed an 8 iron from 143 yds, a bit into the breeze, to within 7 feet of the flag. I had to wait until the 17th hole to make another birdie, though. I was still working on the things that Ron Stockton and I talked about on Monday, and I put some great strokes on the ball. However, the putts didn't want to drop for some damnable reason! I turned in -3, and started the back nine with 5 pars. I was standing on the 3rd teebox, feeling great, and ready to make a charge. However, my body had other things in mind. You know, I am truly amazed by the wonders of the human body. I somehow managed to drop kick my driver so badly, the creek that lay in front of the teebox by 30 yards was carried by maybe 7 inches, then my drive bounded up the hill (mind you, this is a blind teeshot we have to hit) and nestled in the rough. A lot of players love to play the hole going 3 wood, 9-iron. I chose to hit my wedge first. Standing some 240 yards from the green, I ripped a 3-wood to about ten yards short of the green, and made an 8-foot putt for par. B (my caddy) and I just looked at each other and laughter erupted. We both scratched our heads and scampered off. I was not in any mood to make bogey, and I said screw it, I don't want to make any more!
One would think that after that lesson, I would take my medicine, and be grateful for the luck I was granted. But, ohhhhhh nooooo. I pulled out the driver on the next hole, pushed my teeshot INTO a tree, and stood there, with no means to hit ANYTHING far enough to hit the green. I took a 6-iron, and pretty much skulled/chipped it out some 60 yards. I was left with 47 yards left to the hole, and hit my 60 degree wedge to about 7 feet left of the hole. I hit an amazing putt, and make yet another amazing up and downgreat birdie on the 6th hole. I hit an 8-iron from 144 yards, knocking it to about 3 feet, and I was feeling great. Until I flubbed my third shot from some 67 yards on the 560some yd par 5 7th hole. I hit my flop to just short of the green, and then went on to thwack my putt about 12 feet past the flag. I put a good stroke on my par putt, and when I didn't hear my putt drop, I was PISSED!!! So mad, in fact, that I went on to make a great birdie on my closing hole, the 9th hole. I hit a 52 degree wedge from 107 yards to about 38 feet, and when I hit the putt, I knew it was in halfway there. After making that great putt, I was the solo clubhouse leader. I was thrilled, and very excited to see where I would stack up against the rest of the field. At the end of the day, I was two strokes out of the lead, and was going to be playing with Alena Sharp of Canada the following day at 12:52. I was stoked, and could not wait to get the round underway!!!!

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